Tag List Template Global Setting is Ignored

by Yorrd   Last Updated March 10, 2016 07:04 AM

My goal is it to change the layout of my front page which is a menu item of the type 'tag list' (or something similar, don't know the precise translation). As usual, I made a file overriding the view template which creates the respective section.

So I've made a file <template>/html/com_tags/tag/default_items.php with the same contents as components/com_tags/views/tag/tmpl/default_items.php, expecting to see any changes I make to the aforementioned file. However, even if I empty the file, the result is the same as without the file alltogether.

EDIT - UPDATE 1: As suggested in an answer, I have tried creating an alternative layout instead. So I made the file <template>/html/com_tags/tag/custom_layout_test.php and put a test string in it, but I cannot select it in the admin interface's template style option of the menu entry.

Answers 1

I just asked Google 'joomla tag list override' and it told me: http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=706&t=854545

Edit - Update 1:
Copy components/com_tags/views/tag/tmpl/default.php and rename it to

Then copy <template>/html/com_tags/tag/default_items.php to
components/com_tags/views/tag/tmpl/default_items.php and edit it to your liking.

Then you should set alternative tag list layout 'namewithoutunderscores' as default in Tagged Items Options.

Mirko Mikan
Mirko Mikan
March 09, 2016 21:04 PM

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