Has there been a better solution for showing modules only on article list page(but not article page)?

by shenkwen   Last Updated November 09, 2017 19:10 PM

A typical scenario I believe every Joomla users have encountered is: You have a module on the article list page(like Category Blog), but you don't want this module to also show on the article content page. However, since the article page inherits itemid of the blog page, the module will also show on it. According to Joomla's documentation, you can create hidden menu items for each article to avoid this, but I really don't like this approach, for two reasons:

1)It is a painful toil if I have hundres of articles; 2)The breadcrumb would be homepage>article instead of homepage>category>article

I think this has been bugging Joomla users since 1.5, now that joomla 3.8.2 is out, has there been better approach to solve this problem? I know "Module anywhere" but do I still have to rely on 3rd party extension to solve this simple issue? If yes, no wonder Wordpress is more prevailing.

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