Can not use Tags in my own component for categories

by mikael   Last Updated May 05, 2015 21:04 PM

I want to use the Joomla 3.x Tags functionality in my own component. After some searches and have reads some hints in documentation (as example 'Using Tags in an Extension') it will now works for my own content items. But i need this functionality also for my categories (but i use not the Joomla categories).

So i have created a second dataset for the 'content_types' table with the values for my categories table and classes. Also have added all other required code snippets. So i can now select a tag in my category edit form.

But every time when i try to save it i get the same SQL error as result:

mysqli.php(610) Exception: RuntimeException, Table 't' was not locked with LOCK TABLES SQL=SELECT FROM j3215_tags
AS t INNER JOIN j3215_contentitem_tag_map AS m ON m.tag_id = AND m.type_alias = 'com_jdownloads.category' AND m.content_item_id IN ( 26)

Can anybody give me a hint? Or know another free component which used own categories with Joomla Tags support?

Edit: solved! It was a bug in my categories table class.

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Solved! It was a bug in my categories table class.

May 07, 2015 06:36 AM

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