When inserting notes in Preview app, apostrophes become double-byte characters

by David Hal Chester   Last Updated June 02, 2019 07:12 AM

Whenever I type a word with an apostrophe inside a note that I insert in a PDF document in Preview (i.e. "I'm"), the apostrophe automatically becomes a double-byte character. I have no idea why this is happening, nor how to fix it. I'm using Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5

Anybody have an answer on how to fix this?

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That's the "smart quotes" feature converting the plain ASCII quote to a fancy (curved) Unicode quote (which is two bytes in UTF-8 encoding). You can turn this off with System Preferences -> Keyboard pane -> Text tab -> deselect "Use smart quotes and dashes". Note that this is a system-wide setting, so it'll affect most word processors as well as Preview.

Gordon Davisson
Gordon Davisson
June 02, 2019 07:04 AM

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