Network folder with large amount of subfolders unreadable after High Sierra upgrade

by Christopher Lowden   Last Updated September 11, 2019 13:12 PM

I have an iTunes media folder on a FAT32 hard drive attached to an ISP provided router / server, that serves up a LAN Sharepoint so that I can consult the music files via the network. The router is sharing using SMB, probably and early version, but I cannot confirm which version as the interface does not tell me. The iTunes folder has thousands of subfolders in it. I have a CENTOS 7.2 PC that has not problem logging onto the sharepoint and can quickly scan the iTunes folder and list all the subfolders. I also have a MBP 13 that was until recently on 10.11 and was also able to list the contents of the iTunes folder, but much slower. I recently upgraded to 10.13.6. I have no problem to log on to the Sharepoint and even drill down to the iTunes folder, but when I click on the iTunes folder, the MBP starts searching but never gets to show the contents. I have read that in High Sierra, Apple changed the default smb protocol so I was wondering if this might be the reason. Any thoughts are most welcome.

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