How to apply wall objects to tiles efficiently

by Dave   Last Updated May 04, 2017 02:13 AM

So i have a tile grid with a tile mask method which calculates the value of each tile like so:

        for (int i = 0; i < Tile_List.Count; i++)
            int value = 0;
            Tile tile = Tile_List[i];
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.left + Vector3.forward))
                value += 1;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.forward))
                value += 2;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.forward + Vector3.right))
                value += 4;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.left))
                value += 8;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.right))
                value += 16;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.back + Vector3.right))
                value += 32;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.back))
                value += 64;
            if (Tile_Dictionary.ContainsKey(tile.Position_XY + Vector3.back + Vector3.left))
                value += 128;


The problem i now have is creating the objects for the tiles is a huge if/else if block of code to check for every combination of tile value which just seems pretty inelegant. Given the values range from 0 - 255 theres a lot of numbers that end up needing the same visuals.

I am using 3D so a sprite sheet isn't an option here. But i am trying to find a way to simplify checking each tile's mask values grouping the same values together since some numbers require the same walls anyway, that way I know what wall objects i need, I can't find code examples beyond how to set the tile mask values which is kind of frustrating to work out how to make the next step as simple as possible.

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