Sprite overrides another sprite (isometri map/tiles) (SFML, C++)

by Sadin97   Last Updated September 05, 2017 22:13 PM

I managed to make isometric map but I have problem on overriding sprites while selecting the certain tile.

I made isometric map from this 1 tile (sprite):

enter image description here

I made something like this:

enter image description here

Which is the problem.

When I select one of blue tiles (and I clicked in area where is grey rectangular) program (mouse) detects all of tiles in that area.

Now, the question is how will I change this grid perspective and fix this problem.

How to change grid from ortographic to isometric. So when I click desirable tile that and only that tile would be selected (just isometric visible sprite, not bounds of sprite).

I'm using SFML with C++.

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