Perlin noise terrain, how to add features (rivers, etc..)

by Tiis   Last Updated October 09, 2019 21:13 PM

I'm new to gamedev.

I'm currently working on a little peaceful low-poly game using LWJGL3, follwing ThinMatrix tutorials.

So far, I'm using Perlin noise to generate the heightmap. This is what I got with a 200x200 map :

I would like to have biomes, rivers, mountain not so often and other features.

For biomes : I have read, to generate biomes we often use the heightmap, a moisture one and a temp one based on the height. But imagine, you can have a forest at the same level of a desert but toundra will only be on top of the mountains. Should the biome define the height ?

For other features : Should I generate a perlin noise layer for each features ? If yes, would they only impact the heightmap ?

How should I do it ? What are the steps of a good terrain generation ?

TLDR : I'm generating a terrain with only heights ? How should I add more features on my terrain using Perlin noise ?

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