Market segmentation versus personas

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Just wondering if personas that have been developed as part of user research generally fits in with various types of market segmentation categories, such as those in products developed by market research companies like Helix (Roy Morgan), or acorn (CACI) and others, or if there is little overlap between UX research personas and marketing segments because the focus of the research and analysis is different?

Has anybody had access to both marketing segmentation research and UX research for a project and found that they didn't match? Or perhaps that they match perfectly and therefore you can leverage other insights derived from marketing research?

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Walmart's $1.85 billion mistake

I am afraid, probably, this might not be the right answer what you are looking for, but I really feel worth sharing it.

I think this is a great example to show that the “Market Study / Research” is completely different than the “User Experience Research” which caused $1.85 Billion Mistake”.

This proves the importance of the User Experience Research.

Here are the major differences:

Market Research

  • What people say
  • What people will buy
  • Large samples size
  • Broad insight

User Experience Research

  • What people do
  • How people use a product or service
  • Small sample sizes
  • Deep, focused insight

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October 28, 2016 07:58 AM

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