Creating personas with different roles

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I am currently working on a project where I have to design the administration panel of a new application. I have some questions about creating personas in that project. I read often about not segmenting users by roles, but what would be the best way to create personas for my specific project?

Project: We have different kind of users for the app. In daily life, they could work at our company, at another company or they could be students. Inside the application back-end they can have different roles: * an administrator (can make high level changes to the application), * a moderator (they can add and edit items) * a contributor (they can only see items and add new ones)

Question: When creating personas I don't know how to segment them. I can create generic personas, not segmented by role, but age for example. But that doesn't really help my research I guess. Would it be a better idea to have a different persona for the administrator, the moderator and contributor? But now I segment them by role. Is that bad practice?

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You can have as many personas as you want - although, the more you have the more difficult they are to manage.

The point of a persona is to represent a key user type - If you have several key user types then you need several personas. They can be segmented in any way that is relevant to the product/system you're dealing with. You can build personas by talking to users and stakeholders. Once you have your personas, you can use them to determine the needs for each user type - from that you can start building a picture of the user needs for each persona - once you have their needs you can prioritise them and see where they overlap or separate - and that's where they become useful.

This slide deck has some workshop ideas for creating and developing personas (slides 5-9).

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin
April 03, 2017 16:28 PM

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