Minimum viable UX portfolio — to PDF or not to PDF?

by Siniša Šašić   Last Updated May 26, 2017 10:16 AM

I am aware that this is primarily a marketing question, but as there is no “marketing stackexchange” or something similar I have found the UX perspective is closest to the issue.

I am in the process of creating (writing, designing, etc.) a case study. I am pressed with time to showcase something online as soon as possible as the sales cycle is about to begin so I have been suggested by my project manager to use the case study mockups (once designed) and turn them into PDF’s first and just showcase the link to it on the website, while the mockups are being developed in front-end.

Important to note is that we already have some design artefacts on the website and a minor description of the project, links for launching the project and a CTA for getting in touch with us.

As we are a digital product design and development agency, will this add or detract from the value we are offering? Should we wait for a fully finished online case study or go with the temporary PDF link?

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