UX: Graphics Design vs. Coding

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To start, I'm a graphic designer. A friend of mine works as a programmer and does a lot of UI/UX design, but absolutely hates that part of his job-- he's more of an engineer and doesn't really have an eye for that sort of thing. I did a hi-res design for him in Photoshop and saved it in a format that he could then just implement in his code-- no actual design done on his part, just translating what I sent him into code, saving him time and frustration.

I am also currently learning a few coding languages, which I started doing with the idea that I'd get into the coding aspect of UI and UX, but in doing that project for my friend I found I really enjoyed the graphic aspect of it. I know very little about the coding industry, so my question is: are there actually jobs that entail what I did for him, or do all UI and UX jobs require one person to be able to do both things (i.e. the actual design/layout and then implement it in the code)? If there are, what is that job title?

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What you did for your developer friend goes by a few names:

  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Design
  • UI Design
  • Interface Design

There is definitely a market for this. Many companies will list this as UI / UX out of ignorance. Those actually wouldn't be bad places to learn the ropes because they'll let you get deeper in to UX proper than you're qualified for at this point. Even better would be to work in a mature software product development team where you can learn from professionals.

You should not have to know how to write code, but many smaller companies (not producing software at scale yet ... or ever) will prefer that you can handle HTML, CSS, and possibly javascript. None of those are essential to being successful in interface design. That said, you won't regret knowing it either.

November 07, 2017 16:49 PM

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