Is it ok to base your personas in affinity diagrams?

by edgarator   Last Updated December 12, 2017 01:16 AM


  • During a workshop I asked 4 SMEs to come up with 4 proto-personas.
  • Each SME came up with a different breakdown of demographic, paint-points and needs (so there was a total of 16 personas).
  • Each persona for each SME shared traits from all other personas, but there was no clear similarity between personas.
  • We affinity diagramed all of their paint points and needs and ended up with 4 clusters.

Provided that we're going to verify our assumptions about the proto-personas are valid after we land on a solution:


  • Would it make sense to make a persona based on each of these clusters, and make them poain-point/need dependent? (i.e. time-constrained Joe or budget-conscious Jake).
  • What are the pros/cons of doing it like this?
  • How could you alternatively build a 3-4 persona set from the 16 divergent personas brainstormed before?
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