Mobile subnavigation: correct wording for a subcategory “View all”?

by Runnick   Last Updated February 25, 2018 11:16 AM

I’m designing a mobile navigation, where subnavigation options are hidden under the accordion.

Science +

↑ Closed nav section

Science -

View all ← Link to science category



↑ Opened nav section

The issue that accordion title is a navigation option itself; but on the mobile it only can open or close the accordion.

So I’ve decided to go with “View all” approach.

The issue

It works OK for shops as view all books sounds natural:

— View all
— Science
— Business
— ...

It doesn't work that good for example for magazines, because view all science sounds a bit awkward to me:

— View all
— Cosmos
— Health
— ...

Is there some better words for that case?

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