How to graphically symbolize quantity of items (vs weight)?

by Bar Akiva   Last Updated March 24, 2018 14:16 PM

Im making something similar to a grocery store app. There is a field for the name of the product, and its quantity. Some products are naturally enumerated in weight (5 KG of cucumbers, 200 grams paprika) while others are naturally enumerated in quantity (3 pineapples, 2 bottles of milk).

Finding an icon for weight of an item is easy - you just use weights with "kg" on them:

enter image description here

I think I also have an idea for "grams". It's either a feather or the same set of weights but only with a small case "g".

But how do you create/find an icon for quantity of items? A "Q" is unsatisfactory (and anyway the early adopters will be non english speakers).

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