Auto reset for toggle switch. Good or bad - simple case

by scor4er   Last Updated April 18, 2018 18:16 PM

I'm trying to convince my boss that his suggestion isn't good from UX point. I know nothing about the UX. Could you help me formalize why am I right (or wrong):

We have a business process for the warehouse employee (simplified). This employee has a handheld application with a scanner. He receives products. Here's application screen (toggle & button):



Employee has two options: receive a product or return a product (in case it's broken for example). Let's say approximately he returns 1 product out of 10 received. To make an action he selects the toggle position and presses the scan button.

  • My boss wants this toggle to be controlled manually by an employee. The employee switch from RECEIVE to RETURN and back. The state saved between the scans.

  • I want it to be RECEIVE by default, set to RETURN by employee only when return needed and reset back automatically to RECEIVE right after the scan.

What will be better and why?

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