Responsive table with many text inputs

by Drovosek2703   Last Updated August 23, 2019 12:16 PM

I have a table of this type: Table

So I need to make it responsive, look good on mobile devices. Several notices about table:
1) Yeah, there definitely should be some tips for every text field, it's pretty important. "Tips" - maybe these labels in the header, or something that describes inputs ("Card number", "Chip number");
2) Yeah, button "Save" should be in front of every row, that's necessary;
3) That icon on the left side has destiny too - it may be visible for some row and invisible for other rows;

Of course, the first what came to my head, was something like accordion with this look-like content: enter image description here
But if there are a lot of rows (the average count should be like 20), It's gonna be a little tough to click for each of them to collapse, then to save. So what I ask is help making this table be responsive

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