What are the best features of a 1 product website with video and photos?

by Luke MacKay   Last Updated March 05, 2016 01:07 AM

Earbud accessoryI'm in the process of starting to sell my crowdfunded and market ready mobile accessory invention. My website features both my company (Fabricate Inc.) and my first product (Nearbuds). I think I've made a big mistake trying to promote both the company and the product on my site: www.fabricateinc.com

This is my first foray into product marketing and I'm targeting the 25-40 year old demographic. Should I simplify the site and only discuss the product as opposed to the brand? Are there any great templates for this?

I'm trying to streamline the viewer's experience and directly convey a simple solution to an everyday problem.

I'd be most grateful for your input.

  • Luke

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