How to prepare a simple workshop for creating proto/ad hoc personas

by nobody   Last Updated March 24, 2016 08:06 AM

There are numerous approaches to create personas in a group. I want to initiate a simple workshop for creating proto/adhoc personas:

  1. Explain the meaning and the benefits of personas
  2. Participants present their personas which were created before the workshop (by using a proto persona template with 4 quadrants with basic characteristics)
  3. Voting and finding the best solutions
  4. Add other relevant characteristics/attributes and generate assumptions (sticky note exercise)
  5. Flesh out final personas

Would you

  1. Always start with a simple 4-quadrant-template (like this one: or
  2. Is it better to start first with the defining of all relevant characteristics/attributes, everybody contributes and votes assumptions (sticky notes) and at the end then create a persona (no use of a template)?

What is your experience? Thanks!

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