Marketing Persona VS UX (Design) Persona

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This would be my 2nd question in UX Stackexchange to clarify my understanding. I've been developing Persona for sometime but this is my first time to collaborate UX with Marketing Team. I found out that Marketing do create persona based on Demography, which is something that I didn't do with creating Persona in UX.

Does Design Persona is a more detailed version to Marketing Persona or they're different?

When we're developing product, I don't believe that having 2 different persona created by 2 different division should collide while the goal is to create 1 product.

e.g. What's the bigger workflow when we're developing product? should it start with marketing's persona then we use that persona to create a more detailed Design persona? or should we just use Marketing Persona (which is based on my understanding isn't really how UX is done)? or the process really different and doesn't link together?

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UX personas aren't necessarily extensions of marketing personas. They're used for different purposes, composed of different pieces, and they may even represent different people. In some circumstances the most practical thing might be to have a single, unified set, but in some organizations that's neither necessary nor practical.

(UX) design personas help designers empathize with real users by condensing real user data into memorable proxies. Demographic information isn't enough; designers need to consider the user's goals (both overarching goals as well as temporary ones they set as they progress through a scenario), context(s), and certain traits that relate directly to the design, such as technological expertise, subject-matter understanding level, or perhaps physical/cognitive limitations.

Since marketing is targeted toward people who buy products—which may or may not be the same people who use them—their personas focus more on demographics, purchasing habits, values, and other information that helps the marketing team develop their strategies.

So, if the people who are buying the product are always the same people using it, it may make sense to have a single set of personas and to map out the customer's journey from introduction, to purchase, to the time they throw the product away. On the other hand, it may be more practical to keep two sets of personas, especially if the people buying aren't the ones using the product. (e.g. children's toys/games, enterprise software, or products for industries like healthcare)

Either way, the goal should be to create personas that will help the UX team do their work, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the marketing team's personas.

Nate Green
Nate Green
July 11, 2016 13:10 PM

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