Which qualitative method is best used with Empathy approach?

by Serag Alzentani   Last Updated July 12, 2016 08:06 AM

I have recently been doing a research that involved focus-group, interview, observation and lastly a survey as data gathering and analysis of user behavioral, emotions, experience. I have read and understood what empathy means and concluded on my report the findings of what patients' feel, see, hear and do.

My question is : which method suits the above description and why :

  1. Ethnography.
  2. Action Research.

Answers 1

Ethnography traditionally involves long-term observations of a culture, and Action Research is understood as when you want to invite research into your actual project.

I think for your research environment setup, especially if you have a specific project, demographic study, focus group, etc., you are leaning towards Action Research instead of Ethnography.

Wen G
Wen G
July 24, 2016 21:05 PM