Baking maple syrup on cold smoked almonds

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I've been smoking almonds for years using a combination of maple syrup and seasonings, but recently I've discovered cold smoking gives a much nicer and deeper smoke flavor.

I have a great soy wasabi almond recipe that I think is even better than Blue Diamond, but that's easy--just apply the wasabi paste after the nuts are smoked.

My traditional sweet and spicy recipe requires a good dose of maple syrup and other sugars, and I am not sure how to finish the cold smoked nuts without losing the crunchy texture. Is there a low heat way to do this? I normally use a Cookshack smoker for these. Thank you.

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Have you considered in using wasabi powder instead of a paste, and making a maple syrup reduction. This should lower the amount of moisture you have been applying to your nuts.

Food Lover
Food Lover
July 01, 2016 09:38 AM

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