Release with three-way collaboration involving LLC

by mickben   Last Updated June 07, 2016 08:07 AM

I will be facilitating photoshoots through my LLC and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations around contracting / due diligence.

I'll be working with a photographer and a model. They will be doing the shoot and providing photos to me for me to distribute on my channels with my branding (and theirs, if they desire). I don't mind not owning copyright, but I do want distribution rights. I don't know much about the legalese here. No money is being exchanged yet - but in the future one or more parties may be paid.

All parties are open to anything - I just want to make sure I've done everything properly and professionally. Hopefully without dumping capital on a lawyer.

Has anyone ever shot with this structure before? Any advice on documentation I need?

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