Compact (gopro factor) Cameras that can record more than 4G continuously

by ntg   Last Updated June 07, 2017 08:18 AM

I have been using a number of GoPro models to record videos for scientific experiments. They come very handy as they are a relatively cheap solution that can record everything that went on and can even do so at high frame rates when this is needed. They can later be used for synchronization, and for annotation, marking the exact millisecond each event happened.

The problem is all of the GoPro models (hero5 included) break video files after 4G (this results from legacy code supporting FAT32 and microSD, which had a limitation of 4G max file size. LAtest GoPro models have moved to supporting microSDHC and and even microSDXC, but they left the 4G max size limitation in their code for some reason) Every time the camera moves to a new video, it seems to skip some small amount of milliseconds, and the synchronization is lost. This would not be a problem if

Are there any cameras with similar capabilities to a GoPro, but without this (crucial to me) 4G limitation?

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