What is the difference between these shots?

by Singh   Last Updated January 08, 2018 06:18 AM

The first picture of a girl is a screenshot from the travel video that i am making, and and the second picture of a boy is a screenshot from a youtube travel video. I want to achieve the quality of the second screenshot. How can I do that? Is the difference mainly a result of different equipment, ability to frame a shot, camera settings, lens, natural lighting, post-production or something else? How can I get a sharp video like that? The third shot (of sweet potatoes) is also a screenshot from my video and that is much different than my first shot. Both of my shots were most likely shot at low ISO (lower than 800), 1.8 aperture and 60fps.

Shot 1 Screenshot from my video Shot 2 Screenshot from the youtube video - desired result Shot 3 Sweetpotatoes from my video

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