Linux performance tuning bash script

by Alan Halls   Last Updated August 07, 2018 22:00 PM

I was working on importing the OpenStreetMap data into PostgreSQL which was one of the most demanding jobs I have ever asked a server to do when I started stumbling across server tweaks I hadn't ever seen before such as:

In particular I haven't ever set these options:

kernel.shmmax=268435456 for 32-bit
kernel.shmmax=1073741824 for 64-bit
kernel.sem=”250 32000 32 1024″

I always assumed much of that such as kernel.shmmax was set during installation, or was dynamic so that as more memory was added then it would adjust its settings.

I was curious if there was any bash scripts that identifies your hardware and asks what use it the computer is for (server / desktop) to configure the system for optimal usage? Seems such an easy script to put together using the output from lscpu, free -mh, hdparm, pgtune percona and a few others to get the hardware info and capabilities and then feed it into a few config files.

I figured before I started on it myself I thought I would see if it already exists.

Searching for performance tuning bash scripts turned up a lot of unrelated results related to the performance of bash scripts during execution.

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