Hyper-V same host VM to VM communication

by Dave   Last Updated August 14, 2019 01:00 AM

I am trying to get a concrete confirmation with supporting documentation on how vms communicate to each other if residing on the same host. From what I have read on multiple threads:

'VM's will not use the physical NIC if the two VMs are on the same vSwitch.'

Here is my scenario: 2 node cluster



NETWORK: Physical NIC <-> NIC Team <-> (External) vSwitch <-> VM

So that I'm know I'm 100% correct.

ANY/ALL traffic, with an origin/destination, from/for, a VM residing on the same host server, using the same vSwitch, will traverse via that said vSwitch.


VMa <-> (External) vSwitch <-> VMb


VMa <-> (External) vSwitch <-> NIC Team <-> Physical NIC <-> NIC Team <-> (External) vSwitch <-> VMb

If I could get some supporting documentation for this that would be most helpful. I have had no luck finding it myself.

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