Determining a statistical figure based on eCPM and Volume

by David Burleson   Last Updated May 24, 2017 15:19 PM

I need to put together a report which allows me to gauge if particular campaigns are improving their effectivness by both eCPM and volume of leads.

Take these examples:

Campaign A

day 1: clicks: 100; eCPM: $.40
day 2: clicks: 56; eCPM: $.42

Campaign B

day 1: clicks: 99; eCPM: $.25
day 2: clicks: 120; eCPM: $.50

In the above example, Campaign A's day1 to day2 comparision is week. Although the eCPM has gone up a little, the clicks have dropped considerably.

similarly, Campaign B's clicks have only increased a little, but eCPM has doubled, thus improving much better than Campaign A overal.

I need a way to give these changes for Campaign A and Campaign B a single figure of 'improvement change' so I can then see which Campaign has improved the most.

any ideas?

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