NN: Can I split the training set into 2 halves, and train on each half during separate epochs?

by marcv81   Last Updated March 06, 2018 07:19 AM

When training a neural network, do I get the same results in both the following cases?

  • Training on half the training data for 1 epoch, then on the other half for another epoch.
  • Training on the entire training data for 1 epoch.

I am training a model on variable-length sequential data. The model is already well-tuned. I would like to divide the data in subsets of different sizes to optimize the training speed (i.e.: spend less time training on padding data). If the 2 cases above are equivalent the solution is straightforward.

I can share information about the particular model, but think it should be possible to give a theoretical answer which generalizes to any model.

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