How to quickly apply an algorithm with enough understanding

by cloudscomputes   Last Updated November 09, 2018 03:19 AM

Let me take an explicit example.(the answer should be universal for any algorithm) I want to group cities with similar average income together I want to use dbscan to do this.(R/python/javascript/spark)

But suppose I don't know what is dbscan The next thing I need to do is either: 1 read a book about it and get deep understanding then apply it. 2 just read how to use the method, apply it without any understanding 3 Read the wiki or any short explanation then apply it.

1 is very slow, it may takes you weeks to read a book and sometimes you don't have so much time.

2,3 is fast but since you didn't quite understand the full picture, you may find some bug in future when you apply, or may be even worse since you don't fully understand the algorithm you can't even tell if there is a bug.

So my question is in this situation, what should you do to make you have enough info to apply a algorithm without read a 800 pages book about it

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