prerequisites to algorithms and then to python and Machine Learning

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I spent the last 5 months studying full-stack web development using the MERN stack, that is (MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJs). Now that I have seen the full picture of what I would be doing everyday, I kind of lost interest in the career due to many factors that are not the very subject of my question, after a little research to find an alternative, I came to realize that data science and AI have a huge potential down the road plus a far more interesting challenges to face on a daily basis, But I can't just disregard what I have done already and start a new studying path, simply because I need money, and so, doing what I am doing now, I am expecting to land at least a front-end job in about 1-2 months, so I have a plan to work as a web developer during 2019 and then transition to data science by 2020, Now, I wanna study Algorithms that can I use in both worlds, currently in Javascript, and later in python or R, But I am not really sure how much knowledge of algorithms and data structure do I need, I found a couple of courses from MIT OCW about algorithms one of which is called introduction to algorithms in this link, then in the course description It is mentioned that there is a mathematical prerequisite course called Mathematics for computer science, find it here. up until this point things make sense to me without problems, but then in this course's description I found out that it has another prerequisite course called sigle variable calculus, which suggested a strong high school mathematics skills to take it, Now, this is very intimidating, I was hoping to find one course that could provide me with the mathematical foundation upon which I could study algorithms and then statistics later on. so, I would appreciate if someone can give me directions regarding the following:

  1. Do I really need to study all the math courses that MIT suggested to get started with algorithms ?
  2. the algorithms course that I left a link to above is actually part one of three courses about algorithms, how many of them do I need to know considering what I am trying to accomplish ?

thanks very much for your time. :)

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