Is it valid to look at the impact of a feature on residuals?

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I'm trying to measure the causal impact of action on outcome (sorry for the vague names, but trying to keep this general). My data consists of the following for each record:

  • m other_features [the result of TruncatedSVD to a much larger number of features]
  • action which is a binary
  • outcome which is continuous [in all cases here, I use the log of the actual value]

Based on business knowledge of the situation, I'm confident in a causal model that states:

  • the other_features have a causal effect on action
  • the other_features also have a causal effect on outcome
  • the action have a causal effect on outcome

I tried two techniques and got different results - I wanted to know how to interpret these results.

Attempt 1: Vanilla Linear Regression

First, I tried to regress outcome against other_features and action. When I did this, I got the following results (I'm using $\beta$ to refer to linear coefficients):

  • $R^2 = 0.793$
  • $\beta_{action} = 0.0943$

This implies that the action has the effect of ~9.5% increase on outcome.

Attempt 2: Looking at Action vs Residuals

Second, I tried to regress outcome against other_features (i.e. without action). When I did this, I got the following results:

  • $R^2 = 0.793$ [very little difference with the original regression).

Then, I looked at the residuals of those with and without action and got the following:

enter image description here

This seems to indicate that action has about a ~-8.3% impact on outcome.


  1. Is attempt 2 a valid way to proceed?
  2. If yes, how should I interpret the difference between the two approaches?
  3. Is there anything I ought to be weary/careful/aware of in using this approach?

(Please let me know if it additional data/results would be helpful in interpreting these results, I can supplement the information here).

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