I want to find results on A and B

by m.s   Last Updated September 11, 2019 13:20 PM

I have P(AB)=0.1 and P(A'B')=0.4 i must find P(A) and P(B). I confess i have no idea about it. I have another similar exercise that says i have P(A)=0.2 and P(B)=0.3 to find a)P(A U B) ,b) P(A'B'),c) P(AB') and d) P(A'B) I have a) P(A U B) =P(A)+P(B) =0.2+0.3=0.5 ok i think i am right to this b)I know that

P(A)=0.2 so P(A')=1-P(A) => P(A')=1-0.2=0.8 

but P(A') and P(B') are together ,P(A'B')? i multiply or i sum them ? what now?

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