Proper way to start sheathing exterior wall?

by Nic   Last Updated July 17, 2017 04:21 AM

On new construction, what is the proper way to install the exterior OSB Wall Sheathing?

Should I go for a perfectly level sheet install, and then level each corresponding sheet or is it better to just follow the edge of the sill plate and end up with potentially un-level panels due to the foundation not being floated perfectly?

I have also considered snapping a chalk line after measuring 47 and 3/4" from the sill plate on each end of the house, but that chalk line would be extremely long and would vary too much in that span.

I am trying to maintain 1.) An even 1/8" gap between each sheet 2.) The same height of sheet as the next one to prevent non-equal gaps on the 2nd row of sheeting and 3.) Trying to keep flush with the bottom of the sill plate so it ties into the sill plate nicely with the edge nailing pattern. This has amounted to nothing but frustration and curse words.

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