Concerns with Buckles in New Build Roof

by jjacq   Last Updated May 09, 2018 01:21 AM

My friend is having a house built. Slab is poured, it's framed in, has the electrical, ductwork and roof. We went out to look and saw the roof had "buckles" or waves in it. There was another house like it, in the same stage of build, in the same new subdivision. I let her know that was irregular, at least. But I don't know if this resulted from the decking being installed wrong, or being installed then a day or 2 later the shingles got nailed on, possibly over moisture? She has a meeting with the builder in the morning.

Also, there is a retaining wall which is about 3 feet from the back of the house. They admit it's a mistake, that they will move it. My friend is concerned what it might do to the foundation, if anything, when they do so. Anything else she should be concerned about with regard to them moving it? How big a deal is this?

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