Total n00b, and I need to install a breaker sub panel

by Paul TIKI   Last Updated June 18, 2018 15:21 PM

just realized this stack was here so I'll start by saying I'm a home improvement n00b and we just bought a fixer-upper house.

I searched the topic of adding sub panels and a lot of the answers are a bit over my head so I need some advice.

My house was built in the 20's. At some point in the last several years, someone updated the electrical stuff to a familiar breaker system. The wiring looks modern and insulated and it also looks like things are grounded as far as I can tell.

What I want to do is install an electric stove which requires a 50 amp circuit in place of the deathtrap gas oven (it was old, the line to it had leaks, and I like cooking on induction.)

What I have, I think, is 100 amp service in the breaker box. The breaker box is full, no slots to add a 50 amp breaker.

So what do I do? Should I add a sub-panel? Should I yank the existing panel and put in one with more slots?

In my mind I would think I would put the heavy current circuits like A/C, Oven, and clothes dryer on the sub-panel. That's how it was in my last house.

Anything I do, I'll spend the money to have a licensed electrician to make sure it's up to code, but I want to do the actual work myself.

I ask the benefit of your wisdom? Are there some particular books I should look for? Any non obvious pitfalls to watch for? Good websites? Thanks everyone!

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