Daisy chain GFCI outlets

by John   Last Updated June 20, 2018 19:21 PM

Are there any big downsides to Daisy chaining GFCI outlets? I understand that protection would be redundant. I have an outside outlet that's protected by an upstream GFCI that's located inside the house. I am replacing the outside outlet and am thinking of replacing it with a GFCI. My thinking is that when it trips I'll be able to reset it outside rather than inside. I understand that if the inside outlet trips I won't be able to use the outside one until the inside is reset.

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Answers 1

It may not work the way you think it will

You could have any of:

  • Outside outlet trips and inside outlet does not trip - which is what you want
  • Inside outlet trips and outside outlet does not trip
  • BOTH outlets trip

I don't think there is any safety problem with this configuration (Harper or one of the other experts can answer that) but I wouldn't cound on it working as you expect.

June 20, 2018 19:11 PM

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