Baaaad roof! Best option to fix

by Cody Pace   Last Updated July 28, 2018 15:21 PM

My mother's roof has been leaking for over 3 years now. Ceilings falling in in some rooms and leaks in most. She paid someone to put the roof on and he brought the all metal, put on 10 feet of roof and never came back. So now the question is... if I put the roof on myself will it simply rot everything underneath considering there's so much moisture? My thought was to put on the roof and knock out the ceiling in the worst rooms and put in space heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, etc and then put new ceilings in once it's dried out. Would this be an option that would work (A.K.A save the the house/make it livable till it can be fixed properly by a professional)?

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