Is it advisible to block a bathroom vent due to cigarette?

by Ichiro   Last Updated January 15, 2018 20:21 PM

I live in an apartment, and there's cigarette smell coming from the bathroom vent (probably from a neighbour who smokes). I'm wondering is it advisable to block the bathroom vent to block the smoke smell? Can a dehumidifier replace the bathroom vent?


The bathroom has no heaters. The vent is not a fanned vent, so far I believe it's a shared vent (since I'm smelling the cigarette, that wasn't there when I first moved in, so the smell must have came from a neighbour who smokes, which entered the share ventilation system)

Edit (2nd)

Apparently I mistook the problem, it's just an old building with a broken ventilation system (as I originally thought it was a shared vent), the landlord suggested that I duct tape the vent until it's fixed.

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Trust me on this one, whether it's a new or old ventilation system, they all leak cigarette smoke and contaminants. Close them with tape, or even better, block them from their roots. Also, try to seal your walls where they borderline with other apartments since some not well finished concrete blocks leak cigarette smoke.

Until one day they ban the neighbors smoking inside apartments, we'll have to block the ventilation.

Damn smokers are all arrogant creatures pretending to practice their liberty rights. Double f***!

Basil A
Basil A
January 15, 2018 19:53 PM

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