125amp feed from garage to house, required wire size, PLUS a separate 3-way light switch

by Woody   Last Updated August 29, 2018 18:21 PM

I recently built a detached garage with its own 200amp service. I made provisions to run a 125amp circuit from the garage to an addition we are now building on the house. My questions are: What size wire to run from the garage to the new sub-panel in the addition? This will be 3 wires (2 hot, 1 neutral) in buried 2" schedule 40 conduit, for 60 feet. I believe the answer is #1 copper, or #3 aluminum. Additionally, I wired a 3-way switch for the garage outside carriage lights, and intend to run the the 2nd light switch to the addition (so i can turn on the outside garage lights from the house). I intend to run the four 12 awg THHN/THWN wires in buried 1" electrical PVC conduit. Any issues with this approach?

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