Ceiling electrical box wires -trying to install a light fixture

by Mohamed Abdalkarim   Last Updated May 24, 2020 02:21 AM

I have recently rented a condo in a new building in Toronto (2020) where they didnt have lights installed in the Living room. I went to homedepot today and I am trying to install a light fixture that i got. Here are the wires coming out of it. It has 3 bulbs: enter image description here

I opened the box in the ceiling and I saw more wires than I expected. I expected just a green, black and a white wire.

enter image description here

Also, good thing I bought a voltage tester, because if I didnt I might have been dead right now. I found out that the yellow wire that had a tag saying "for light" is always hot and the switch doesn't cut the power from it.

enter image description here

Now, I dont know how to connect all three bulbs to which wires, Any help would be appreciated

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