biber: Skip custom citefield if it is not defined

by Miguel   Last Updated September 11, 2019 13:23 PM

I am defining my own bibliographic printouts, to be used with biblatex/biber:

(\citefield{#1}{year}). \citefield{#1}{note}

The command above (\articleinfo{}) looks for a certain label (argument #1) in a bibtex file (thisbiblio.bib) and, when invoked in the document body, it prints a bunch of info from the bibtex entry's fields. I have a custom field called note, that I want to use to print custom info, for instance "a preprint of this paper is available from [url]". However, I want this to be optional, i.e., print the note field only if it is defined in the bibtex file for this particular entry, otherwise leave it blank. At the moment I get a note printout (like that, in bold face). How can I achieve that?

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