Table cells as CheckBoxes

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We have to replicate an existing pdf form using latex.

I found this to be of use:

--> \usepackage{hyperref}

The existing form which I have to replicate has clickable cells.

See image: enter image description here

I think I need to either, make a table cell being a \CheckBox.

Or make the \CheckBox fill the whole table cell.

Currently I tried to play with the attributes of \CheckBox but no success.

\mbox{\CheckBox[borderwidth=0.1mm,name=tblWetCell,width=3mm,height=3mm]{}}&\CheckBox[width=1mm,height=1mm]{ }

This is what it looks like in its current state.

enter image description here

Full table in latex:

\multicolumn{1}{l}{Anz. sep. WC}        &\TextField[width=3cm,name=toilAmount]{}        &\multirow{3}{*}{\rotatebox{90}{\hfill wöchentlich }} & \multirow{3}{*}{\rotatebox{90}{\hfill täglich }} & \multirow{3}{*}{\rotatebox{90}{\hfill monatl
ich }} & \multirow{3}{*}{\rotatebox{90}{\hfill bei Bedarf }} & \multirow{3}{*}{\rotatebox{90}{\hfill Zusatzarbeiten }} \\
\multicolumn{2}{l|}{}                   &&&&&\\
\multicolumn{2}{l|}{}                   &&&&&\\
\multicolumn{1}{l}{Anz. Nasszellen}     &\TextField[width=3cm,name=wetCellAmount]{}     &&&&&\\
\multicolumn{2}{l|}{}                   &&&&&\\
\multicolumn{2}{l|}{}                   &&&&&\\

\multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Nasszellen (Bad / Dusche / Toiletten)}&\mbox{\CheckBox[borderwidth=0.1mm,name=tblWetCell,width=3mm,height=3mm]{}}&\CheckBox[width=1mm,height=1mm]{ }& &            &                \\
\multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Abfalleimer in Küchenabfall leeren} & &         &           &            &                \\

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