PGF decorations not working

by scorpionwars   Last Updated September 20, 2019 18:23 PM

I am trying to use the following custom pgfdecoration to draw bonds with varying length of the double bond while using chemfig. The code was obtained from the following link: How to alter the bond length of a double bond in chemfig?. However, I am unable to run the code after recently installing MikTeX and executing the code throws the following error message: Undefined control sequence. ...]--[::-60,,,,,rsdbond={120}{120}]-[::-60]}. I have tried updating pgf and chemfig from the MikTeX console but to no avail.

Does someone know what package I am missing and how to successfully execute this code (see below).

  \state{initial}[width=\pgfdecoratedremainingdistance,next state=final]
  lsdbond/.code 2 args={%
    \tikzset{decorate, decoration=sdbond}%
  rsdbond/.code 2 args={%
    \tikzset{decorate, decoration={sdbond, mirror}}%
    double bond sep=0.4em,
    atom sep=2em,

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