Can the edit button be hidden if I am unable to edit?

by James Jenkins   Last Updated July 22, 2019 15:24 PM

I keep trying to edit meta posts (often just to see how a specific formatting thing is done) but when I click edit it just tells me:

enter image description here

Could it be made more obvious that the post can't be edited by me? Grey it out? Hide it completely?

The 'posts edited' statistic on my profile is greyed out so I don't see why this shouldn't be...

This above post is taken verbatim from Can the edit button be hidden if I am unable to edit? on DBA Meta; the OP there was not interested in following up on Meta Stack Exchange, but as I have also had the same thought on other sites, I brought it over for consideration.

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This actually was the old (and IMHO better) situation:

(It's not hidden, but grayed out – this answer suggests that it had been hidden in the past as well.) You had to hover over the edit link to see the reason why you couldn't edit; I understand that this isn't obvious for casual visitors but Stack Exchange has a lot of helpful tooltips.

It has been 'fixed' two years ago:

Instead of greying out the edit button, the button will appear as normal and clicking it will bring up an error message with the same text that used to appear on hover

I've suggested a compromise here

can we have a compromise: the edit link can be clicked but it is grayed out?

but no reaction on that, alas ...

July 22, 2019 15:07 PM

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