How to activate FP6293 converter from EN pin?

by Electrical Voyager   Last Updated September 11, 2019 11:25 AM

I'm making a portable device which is powered by a lithium battery and boosted with a FP6293 boost converter IC. I want to turn on and off the device from a switch that activates and deactivates the FP6293, I know I can do this from the EN pin, but the documentation is not really clear in that aspect:

enter image description here

Following the application circuit, the EN pin is directly connected to the power input (VIN), so I guess the boost IC activates when Vin enters the circuit. Can I put a switch between the Vcc and EN pin to activate and the activate the IC to I can control the shutdown and power up of the device? I don't know if I should put a resistor, connect it to the ground, the documentation is really poor in that aspect...

Here is the datasheet I'm using:

Thanks for your attention.

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