Does Lighting Netowork really scale and for what cost?

by needprayfornotaxes   Last Updated December 30, 2018 11:27 AM

Ok I understand that inside LN we can send cheap transactions instantly, but assume we have global adoption, so BTC price is then very very high, it is obvious that happen due to full deflation nature of Bitcoin. So we need pay for create/close/deposit channel on-chain in BTC, with 1MB block size fees will be very high, several dozen or even several hundred $ per transaction, so to be worth do something we need send a lot of money to channel, or buy for cash from someone face2face/online that send as directly through LN. Next problem is that LN need use large HUBs to works most efficient, so owners of that HUBs probably will be exchange, financial institutes, just guys with a lot of money, is that not short way to KYC by this HUBs?

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