How do I solve the overheating issue of my Asus GL702VM gaming laptop?

by Not-Lola   Last Updated May 17, 2018 18:01 PM

My GL702VM has serious overheating issues when under load, specifically graphical. Looking online I have found this is not a unique issue but a well known design flaw of the case/cooling system that I was not conversant enough with laptop terms/common problems to identify before purchase, and further that claiming warranty is very unlikely to fix the laptop (as it is a design flaw and they don't fix it).

According to Speccy, the laptop heats up to 80-90C and then the performance tanks - even low graphics games stutter and suffer (while reporting high frame rates, despite on-screen seeing lags of 2-3s between things moving). This issue appears to be getting worse over time.

Various forum posts suggest downvolting the CPU and GPU via a bewildering array of (sometimes now out of date or nonexistent) programs, drilling holes in the case, attaching fans to things, taking apart the laptop and applying thermal gel etc.

I am unsure which of these instructions to follow, my technical skills are relatively limited (I can plug together desktop components inside a regular case, that's about my limit), and the degree to which my laptop is dying seems beyond that which these forum posts describe, so;

  • Is there any way to determine/test if the laptop has problems beyond the overheating (perhaps caused by exposure to such excessive heat?), and will asus' standard warranty replace those parts?
  • If I need to drill holes in the laptop, is there a visual guide to doing so anywhere?
  • Is there any further methods i'm unaware of that can be used to ameliorate this issue?

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