Accessing a laptops drive without opening it

by Mikkel bruun   Last Updated June 22, 2018 00:01 AM

I have a very specific use case. I'd like to run my laptops OS in a virtual machine on my desktop. I could do this by removing the drive from the laptop and connecting it to the desktop, but as this is something i'd like to do often, it's a hassle i want to avoid.

It's a need that's arisen as a result of me only wanting to maintain one OS for work. Out of necessity, this has to be on my laptop so i can bring it to class etc. I could use a dock of some kind, but but even changing the input to my monitors from my desktop to the dock is an ordeal.

tl;dr I want to work on my laptops OS, but from the comfort of my desktop, without disassembling my laptop each time.

Edit: Desktop operating system is Win 10 and laptop linux (arch).

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