Bluetooth headphone sound getting intermittent and laggy at Windows 7(PC)

by dolapdere   Last Updated July 02, 2018 18:01 PM

I bought a new bluetooth headphone Pentatronics Backbeat fit 305. It works fine with phones but when it comes to pc it's not that good. If i connected it recently it sounds well but sound become intermittent and laggy when i don't use any audio at pc for a while. I need to reconnect the headphone to fix it.

I need help to fix this. And thanks everyone...

Answers 1

Have you checked that the drivers you have installed for this device are the latest version and are official drivers from the manufacturer, if not then I'd suggest removing the old drivers and installing the newest ones. If this does not resolve the issue, next time the sound becomes laggy check that your cpu/memory usage is not unusually high, and if so does that change when you disconnect the headphones?

July 02, 2018 17:55 PM

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